The Big Chimney Sweep

About The Big Chimney Sweep

Hi, my name is Ian Walshaw. I am "The Big Chimney Sweep". You may well ask why I am known as "The Big Chimney Sweep". Well the main reason is that I am 6'7" Tall.

Secondly when I was doing my apprenticeship as a chimney sweep virtually every house I went to exclaimed "Oh my gosh, you are the biggest chimney sweep I have ever seen! How will you fit up the chimney"?
Fortunately these days we don't climb up chimneys so we will be OK.

So, I am presuming you are on this page because you would like to know a little about me. Well I am currently 49 years old, married with two grown up daughters. Most of my life has been spent in the emergency services. I spent 14 years as a police officer working in West Yorkshire, London & East Yorkshire. I also spent 4 years working for the ambulance service on a front line emergency ambulance. 

So why would I be drawn to being a chimney sweep? Well I suppose it started as a child when I used to enjoy building and lighting the family coal fire and in those days you needed to know how to build a good fire. Central heating was far less efficient! Later on I have had my own houses and fires, indoor and outdoor. In fact it is a joke in my family that “Firestarter” by the Prodigy will be my funeral music.

I tend not to do things by halves so I carefully chose my training and equipment suppliers ensuring that I had the best training with “The Guild Of Master Chimney Sweeps” & “Rotary Power Sweeping“. My equipment is state of the art SnapLok, Wakefield Brush, Rodtech, Dust Control, Stove Industry Supplies & Milwaukee.

In fact it came as quite a shock as to the cost of having the best training and the best equipment but I really wanted to provide the best chimney sweeping services with as clean a chimney sweep as possible.

So please If you are considering having your chimney swept, changing your chimney sweep or having and old fireplace swept prior to a liner install please consider me. I am a clean chimney sweep, methodical, polite, chatty and I never rush. Safety is paramount and if there is something of concern I will tell you.

Any Chimney Sweeping Questions. Please Just Call, Text, or Email